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My name is Alexandre Maller. I discovered photography when I was 11. It is now a passion that has never left me since then. I began to work in black and white, a particular representation of the world I immediately felt at ease with. Black and white photography is a very pleasant means of expression. Nothing comes to distract the subject or the light, only remains the essential: shapes, values and matters. Black and white also allows standing at the "right" distance from reality. Intimately linked to light thanks to its nature, it is nevertheless less trivial than photography in colour. Alberto Moravia said beautiful words about this: "Reality is in colour, but black and white is far more realistic."

Everything that moved me once is fixed on film. During the first years, I would mainly shoot landscapes. Then I moved to people: people I meet, work or live with. I certainly owe that evolution to these genius artists who taught me how to look: Diane Arbus, Francesca Woodman, Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Jeanloup Sieff, Richard Avedon, Paolo Roversi… These photographers have an honest, clear and sensitive look on their time and people of their time. Each of them has a personal and intimate vision, which nonetheless tends toward universal… That's the paradox of great works.

A session is a rich and fascinating experience. It is a meeting, a strong exchange, a delicate alchemy, a precious digression out of time… That is why I wanted to thank here those who trusted me and posed for me. If I'm able to feed my passion, that is thanks to you who gave me a lot of your time and of yourself. I would also like to thank three of my friends without who you would not be able to watch these pages: Ohad Barel who built the website, Stéphanie Bourdel who designed the website and the logo, and Lea Stolz for the German translation.

I now invite you to click on the small envelope down this page: your appreciations, remarks or comments will be welcome. I will answer everyone. Thanks!